5 Reasons to Make You Swap Chai with Herbal Tea

Tea is a beverage widely consumed around the world for not only its flavourful nature but also for the health benefits it provides. There are a variety of ways to not only consume the tea but also a variety of types to choose from. As such, tea is a beverage that has a flavour for everyone and hence satisfies every individual’s needs.

Herbal Tea Sticks
Herbal Tea Sticks

One of the best types of tea that is increasingly being consumed around the world is herbal tea. Herbal tea has a number of flavours as well as benefits that people can choose from. Individuals can thus pick the type of tea based on either flavour or the type of benefit that they wish to receive from it. Furthermore, herbal tea has several properties that make it better than regular chai and this article will look at why you would want to swap chai with herbal tea.

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5 Reasons to Make You Swap Chai with Herbal Tea

Some of the most important reasons to swap chai with herbal tea are highlighted below.

  1. Caffeine Content

One of the most important reasons to swap chai with herbal tea is the quantity of caffeine that one will be consuming. While both chai and coffee contain caffeine, herbal teas generally do not contain this substance. This is because herbal teas are not teas in the traditional sense but are rather infusions of herbs, spices, etc. that are brewed in water to produce the tea. Caffeine is a stimulant and is the substance that is responsible for the kick-start or active feeling that comes when you consume chai or coffee. However, this substance is dangerous in excess quantities and can cause numerous issues within the body. Some of these issues may include irregular heartbeat, indigestion, insomnia, etc. Furthermore, people can also become addicted to the substance and adds to the complications.

  1. Consumption

A lesser known fact about chai is that it can only be consumed at certain times of the day without it affecting other processes in the body. Drinking chai before a meal or during a meal can affect digestion and the number of nutrients that are absorbed from the food. Drinking chai too close to bedtime can prevent sleep which can affect sleeping and dietary patterns. On the other hand, herbal teas can be consumed at any point during the day. In fact, it is generally advised that the tea should be consumed multiple times in a day. Herbal teas also have several properties that can aid with digestion and acidity that may not be tackled by a regular cup of chai. Herbal teas, such as hibiscus tea, can also be extremely beneficial for the liver which cannot be helped by chai.

  1. Preparation

Many of the benefits that come with drinking tea can be lost when drinking it in the form of chai. This is because most people do not know the correct way to prepare the tea. Overboiling tea leaves or leaving them steeped for too long can affect the nutrients and antioxidants prepared in the tea and can hence prevent the body from getting the benefits. However, when you swap chai with herbal tea, the simplicity of the preparation and the lack of extra ingredients can maintain the nutritional value of the tea. Another way to ensure that the tea retains its benefits it by preparing the tea using tea sticks. Ready-made herbal tea mixes are prepared by numerous companies and then sold as tea sticks. These new inventions need to simply be dipped in hot water and stirred for the tea to be prepared. A recommended brand would be CraveNatura which sells herbal tea sticks.

  1. Cardiovascular Benefits

One of the best reasons to swap chai with herbal tea is the numerous cardiovascular benefits that come with it. Herbal tea is extremely beneficial for the heart and can help it in a number of ways. To begin with, the tea can lower the levels of bad LDL cholesterol and also lower the blood pressure.

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As most of the teas do not require sugar to be added, it also helps maintain the blood sugar levels in the body and hence can help reduce the risk of issues such as diabetes. The reduction in intake of sugar

  1. Helps with Sleep

Herbal tea’s lack of caffeine also means that people can enjoy this beverage just before sleeping which can have a soothing effect on the body. Certain teas, such as the chamomile tea, are known to aid with sleep and are commonly consumed before bedtime.

Thus, we hope that this article provides you with a good overview of all the benefits of herbal tea and, more importantly, why it is a good idea to switch from chai to herbal tea.

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