Made with natural, fresh tea leaves and ingredients rich in quality, CraveNatura constitutes of carefully picked pieces of nature’s creation. Our teas are a brew selected different plantations across the country, from well-known tea producing regions such as Upper Assam, Darjeeling, and Tripura. Tea leaves are also gathered from the northern banks of the great Brahmaputra. The plantations in these regions experience ample amount of rain in the monsoon while humidity is constant throughout the year. This weather along with the kind of soil found here grant our tea its distinct quality – dark red brew with a strong flavor. The tea leaves are delicately chosen, rolled, and crafted perfectly with the finest ingredients including crisp leaves, herbs, natural pieces which are put together in varying proportions to get the distinct flavour and aroma of each kind of tea. The company manufactures many varieties of tea including Green Tea, Slimming Tea, Herbal tea, Black tea, etc. The process of making the perfect CraveNatura tea is both uncomplicated and uncompromised. The classical method of brewing is responsible for CraveNatura’s lightly sweet taste and relaxing mellow fragrance.  CraveNatura’s tea is an effective hydrating agent which is calorie free. Being rich in Catechins it also manages to energize you.