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What is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

Green Tea is fast becoming one of the most popular beverages due to its amazing
health benefits and nutritional properties. The high mineral and vitamin content as well as
the antioxidant elements, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, can assist with immunity
building against the common cold and flus, healthier skin, and better hair growth. The Green tea
has also grown to become one endorsed by many fitness lovers worldwide as it can also
help shed calories and hence greatly assists with weight loss.

The tea also has benefits in battling against cholesterol issues as it can lower the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol. Thus, it also greatly lowers the risk of heart attacks. Apart from this, the tea can also improve oral health, anti-aging properties of the skin and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.

What is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

Though green tea has a variety of good properties, there is a lot of research done
that points to the fact that it is better to drink green tea during certain times of the day or
year, as opposed to others. The tea possesses caffeine and certain other substances that can
still greatly impact the working of digestion or the sleep cycle. Thus, people who consume
this beverage must be aware of this fact and be conscious of when they choose to drink it.

Best Time to Drink Green Tea

Some of the best times to drink this type of tea are highlighted below.

1. After Breakfast

Drinking tea after breakfast is always more advisable as tea should never be consumed on
an empty stomach. This is because the caffeine in the tea may cause dehydration and hence
upset the stomach. Certain studies have also shown that drinking tea early in the morning
may also have an adverse effect on the liver. After breakfast is also the perfect time to

consume this beverage due to the role it plays in heightening metabolism.

2. Two Hours Before Bedtime

Generally, it is advised that tea should never be drunk before bedtime as the caffeine
content can affect sleep patterns. Caffeine is a stimulant and hence prevents peaceful sleep
and, in severe cases, this may even lead to insomnia. Furthermore, tea is a diuretic and
hence will make you visit the toilet more which could also prevent sleep.

3. Half an Hour Before Exercise

If you exercise regularly, then consuming this type of tea would be an added benefit as it
increases the amount of weight loss that comes with exercising. Ideally, the tea should be
had half an hour before exercising begins. As most people are generally busy during the day,
people have begun looking for easier and faster ways to prepare their tea. One of the
easiest and most recommended ways to do this is with the help of tea sticks, such as organic
food company CraveNatura’s whole leaf green tea sticks.

4. Two Hours Before or After a Meal

Drinking this tea two hours before or after a meal is ideal as it helps maximize nutrient
intake. The tea allows iron and other nutrients to be easily absorbed by the body. On the
other hand, you should never drink the tea while eating a meal as it prevents the uptake of
vitamins such as B1 and C which can lead to other health issues. This is an important point
to remember, especially for patients suffering from blood related issues such as anaemia.

Apart from Green Tea, Healthy Herbal Teas are also popular for the health benefits that it provides.

However, if you still wish to have a cup of tea along with your food, then it is advisable to
drink it while eating red meat or other vitamin C rich food.

5. Not More than Two to Three Cups a Day

The caffeinated nature of the tea coupled with the fact that it is a diuretic are some of the
primary reasons why it is advisable to limit the amount consumed in a day. Caffeine is good
in moderation, but excessively drinking it can lead to severe dehydration. As it is also
diuretic, the body may begin to lose essential minerals every time you visit the toilet. Thus,
it is better to consume the tea in moderation and restrict it to two to three cups or 100-750
mg of tea a day.

6. Increased Intake in Summer and Less Frequently in Winter

Though there is no scientific consensus behind this recommendation, traditional Chinese
medication generally follows this rule. According to them, lightly oxidized teas are cooling
for the body and hence should be consumed more in summer. On the other hand, oxidized
teas such as red and black tea are more recommended in the winter months as they
produce a heating effect.

Thus, consuming green tea should not be taken lightly, and could seriously affect a
person’s health in a good way or a bad way. Only when consumed at appropriate times can
the full spectrum of benefits be achieved and hence add to a person’s lifestyle.

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