Green Tea for Weight Loss

How to Use CraveNatura Green Tea Sticks for Weight Loss

Tea sticks are inventions that can help you prepare your tea in a faster, more efficient and convenient manner. Tea sticks (or T sticks) get their name from their unique stick like shape. The tea leaves are encased in a metal foil, such as aluminium, or in stainless steel and the tube has perforations on it that allows water to enter.

Tea sticks need to simple be dipped in hot water, stirred with the stick itself until the desired concentration is reached, and the tea is ready to drink. Due to its design and the simplicity of its use, tea sticks are significantly growing in popularity all around the world. They can easily be carried around and are elegant enough to also fit into the aesthetic of a modern lifestyle.

Green Tea Sticks Vs Tea Bags
Green Tea Sticks

Furthermore, the sticks are less messy when compared to tea bags and are also better able to contain the nutrients of the tea leaves within them. This is what makes them so much more beneficial and one of the best and most recommended brands to produce tea sticks is CraveNatura. When it comes to weight loss, CraveNatura green tea sticks provides a good combination of giving you a new and fun way to prepare the tea and the numerous benefits that come with drinking the tea.

How to Use CraveNatura Green Tea Sticks for Weight Loss

Some of the main ways by which CraveNatura green tea sticks can be used for weight loss are highlighted below.

  1. Preparation

It is well-known that green tea has several components or nutrients within them that make them suitable for weight loss. However, when prepared incorrectly the leaves of the tea can lose these properties and hence preparing the tea with care is the first step to ensuring that weight-loss can be achieved successfully. The water that is used for preparation must be allowed to boil and then left to cool for 2-3 minutes. This is to ensure that the temperature of the water comes down to around 80- 85 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature to put the tea leaves in.

  1. Leaf Quality

Using CraveNatura Green Tea Sticks is recommended as the tea leaves are of a good quality and are best suited to release their flavor as well their nutrients into the cup. The nutritional value of the tea is not only dependent on the temperature of the water but also on the quality of the leaves. With respect to this, tea sticks generally contain some of the best leaves from the harvest and hence contain good levels of antioxidants and flavonoids- two extremely important chemicals for weight loss.

green tea

Both of these help the body mobilize fat from the cells and hence provide energy to the body. Furthermore, they can also be responsible for boosting metabolism. This is an important point as a heightened metabolism can help improve digestion and hence break down the food more easily for absorption and use by the bloodstream. This can also improve the amount of physical activity people engage with in a day, thus, providing a boost to exercise.

  1. Reduces the Amount of Sugar Required

The fact that tea sticks also help with stirring the tea is an added benefit as it can allow the user to control the concentration of the tea. Though people generally would not use sugar in green tea, if it becomes too strong then they might be tempted to. It also allows users to easily vary the concentration of tea which may not be so easy to do when using a tea bag or tea leaves.

  1. Better than Tea Bags

When compared to tea bags, green tea sticks are a much better option, as they do not contain chemicals in their packaging. Tea bags, on the other hand, use a wide variety of chemicals in order to store the leaves in paper bags. The quality of the leaves present in tea bags is also much lower. The leaves often collapse on each other when water is added and hence does not release the nutrients in an efficient manner.

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  1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress is one of the main causes of weight gain and green tea is one of the best ways to combat it. Stress can cause a negative impact on dietary and sleep patterns which are both highly important factors when it comes to weight gain or weight loss. By using CraveNatura Green Tea sticks, people can quickly prepare a cup of tea without a lot of hassle, thus, making it much easier to calm the nerves.

Thus, we hope that this article provides you with an understanding of all the benefits that come with not only drinking green tea but also about the benefits of using tea sticks, such as CraveNatura green tea sticks.

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