Green Tea Health Benefits for Older People

7 Green Tea Health Benefits for Old People

Green tea is one of the most popular and renowned beverages around the world due
to the wide range of health benefits that come with consuming it. The beverage was first
consumed by the people of ancient china who recognized that green tea health benefits
range from improved cardiovascular circulation to protecting against neural degeneration.
The primary reason behind the nutritional properties of green tea is the presence of
polyphenols, which are plant-based elements that can boost metabolism and improve

Green Tea Health Benefits for Older People

It also contains caffeine which can provide an additional boost during the day.
Green teas health benefits can be beneficial to people of all ages. However, for elderly
people, it is still advisable to consult a doctor before consuming green tea, especially if they
are taking medication for high blood pressure, antibiotics, blood thinners, etc. This is
especially true for people who consume blood thinners as the vitamin K can greatly prevent
the drug from working properly.

Generally, the various studies that were conducted with older people concluded that those who drank green two showed significant improvements in health. Thus, this article is designed to focus on the health benefits of green tea for older people.

Green Tea Health Benefits for Old People

Some of green tea health benefits for older people are highlighted below.

1. Faster Metabolism and Increased Alertness

The antioxidants present in green tea can greatly boost metabolism and is hence one of the
main benefits that come with drinking this beverage. When coupled with regular exercise,
green tea can significantly help with increasing weight loss and is hence greatly beneficial
for older people. There are also the suggested best times to drink green tea.

Apart from this, the caffeine content of green tea can help increase alertness as well as improve the mood of people who consume it. Thus, overall, green tea can greatly increase the mobility of older people as well as improve their alertness.

2. Strengthens the Bones and Muscles

Green tea can increase bone density or simply strengthen bones and muscles. This is an
advantage for people who may be suffering from diseases such as sarcopenia as drinking the tea can prevent muscle loss and deterioration of bones. Green tea can also protect the body’s strength and mobility.

Numerous studies have found that older people who consume green tea are more likely to be more physically active. With respect to mobility, numerous companies have also been developing new and faster ways to prepare green tea. One such company is CraveNatura. We sell Whole Leaf Green tea sticks which can ease the burden of preparing tea for older people.

3. Protect Against Mental Diseases

Green tea health benefits are not limited to the physical body but can also greatly improve
mental health and prevent diseases that affect the mind. As mentioned earlier, it can greatly
improve the mood of consumers. Furthermore, it can also protect the brain cells from
radical damage and hence reduces the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. It
can also improve memory to a certain extent.

4. Improved Cardiovascular Function

Green tea can significantly lower the levels of LDL cholesterol which can greatly reduce the
risk of heart attacks. It can also help lower blood pressure and improve triglyceride levels
making it greatly useful for the heart.

5. Stronger Immune System

Antioxidants provide a great boost to the immune system and can protect against the
common cold and flu. People who regularly consume it are hence protected from a variety
of diseases and viruses.

6. Healthy Skin

Green tea health benefits also extend to protecting the skin. It can significantly increase
the age at which wrinkles, blemishes, sun spots, etc. appear on the skin. It can also improve
the resistance of the skin to the ultraviolet light of the sun and hence prevent premature
aging of the skin. Thus, it helps keep the skin looking young and beautiful.

7. Longer Life

Several studies have concluded that drinking green tea can improve the quality of life and
hence improve its longevity as well. By greatly boosting immunity, metabolism, functioning
of organs such as the heart, liver and kidney and preventing aging of skin and some other
tissues, green tea can greatly improve the quality of the body as whole and hence promote

Summing Up

Although it has numerous health benefits, the consumers of green tea can only
ensure that they receive these benefits by practising a healthy diet as well as preparing and
consuming the tea in the right way and at the right time. Also, if you want to learn how to make Green Tea at Home, check out our awesome guide.

Bad habits such as excessive smoking and excessive drinking can greatly affect the working of the tea as it damages the body beyond repair. Thus, we hope this article provides you with all the knowledge you may
require about green tea health benefits and how it is of great use to older people.

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