Green Tea Sticks Vs Tea Bags

Why Green Tea Sticks are better than Tea Bags?

Tea is a beverage that has been drunk since ancient times to calm the nerves, improve the heart and promote sleep. While people have always consumed a variety of different teas all over the world, today, drinking green tea with green tea sticks has become a popular phenomenon among many people due to the wide variety of health benefits it promises. Green tea is the second most widely consumed form of tea around the world after black tea.

The difference in nutritional value between the types of tea vary only depending on the amount of oxidation each undergoes as well as the part of the tea plant that is used. However, when it comes to preparing the tea, people who utilize tea bags are at a distinct disadvantage as compared to people who consume the tea using tea sticks or whole leaves. Thus, this article will look at the numerous reasons as to why tea sticks are better than tea bags.

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As they are fairly new inventions, let us first try to understand what tea sticks are. Tea sticks comprise of tea leaves encased in metal or alloy-based containers. These cases are in the form of sticks and have small holes in them which facilitate the mixing of the tea when they are dipped in hot water.

Preparing tea using tea sticks is similar to using tea bags. Water should be boiled and then left aside for 2-3 minutes, acquiring a temperature of 80-85 degrees Celsius. After this, the tea sticks should be dipped in the water and then stirred until the concentration required is obtained. Honey can be used as a sweetener.

Why Green Tea Sticks are better than Tea Bags?

Some of the main reasons why green tea sticks are better than tea bags are highlighted below.

  1. Faster Use

Tea sticks need to simply be stirred in hot water making it easier to control the concentration of the tea. There is no need or requirement for other appliances or steeping the tea bags for a long time to give it flavour; the stirring is sufficient.

  1. Flavour is Retained

Tea sticks are much more flavourful as they are better able to withhold the natural tea flavours. This makes it a much better option as the tea never turns out bitter- a common occurrence when tea bags are accidentally over-steeped.

  1. Fewer Chemicals

Tea bags often contain numerous chemicals and pesticides as a result of being packaged in paper. Steeping the tea bag for increased periods of time also increases the risk of being exposed to such chemicals. On the other hand, tea sticks are generally packaged in aluminium foil or stainless-steel appliances which have perforations in them. This not only makes it easy to hold the tea leaves but also allows them to release their flavour more easily.

  1. Quality of the leaves

If you are looking to drink tea for its health benefits, then the quality of the leaves plays a very important role as to why tea sticks are better than tea bags. In tea bags, the leaves are often left compressed and crumpled and hence cannot produce a great flavor or release nutrients. In tea sticks, the leaves are allowed to uncurl themselves appropriately, thus, making it a much better option.

Furthermore, well-developed whole leaves are more often used in tea sticks as opposed to tea bags which may sometimes possess leaves that are not of the same quality or which have lost some of their properties. Often, the tea bags also contain the stem of the tea plant which gives it more flavour but does not make you benefit health wise. If you are looking to buy tea sticks that are also of a good quality, then CraveNatura’s whole leaf green tea sticks are a recommended product.

  1. Transport

Tea sticks are better than tea bags for the simple reason that they can easily be transported. The tea sticks can simply be placed inside a purse or bag making access much easier. The hard- outer casing also makes it less likely that the tea leaves will spill or be displaced and hence there is no worry about making a mess. It also makes disposal much easier than if you use tea bags as there is not a lot of sogginess or dripping.

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  1. Aesthetically Appealing

As time passes new inventions will come around in an attempt to make life simpler. This is exactly what tea sticks aim to do. Furthermore, the look and feel of the tea bag also fits into the aesthetic ideas of the modern world and hence should be tried by all.

To summarize, tea sticks are better than tea bags as they are more nutrient-retaining, easy to handle and aesthetically appealing as opposed to tea bags. Thus, we hope that this article provides you with a good overview as to the different benefits or advantages of using tea sticks over tea bags and encourages you to try this new invention.

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