Why Use Green Tea for Weight Loss?

The sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy dietary practices of everyday life has greatly increased cases of obesity and other weight related issues among the generations of today. A healthy lifestyle is extremely important to reduce the risk of suffering from various diseases as well as prolonging life. Thus, though people live unhealthy lifestyles, fitness has become a key focus in many of their lives.

green tea without side effects

With more people becoming aware about the beneficial effects of losing weight and exercising, they are also becoming more aware about how they eat, what beverages they consume and what kinds of food to include in their diet. With respect to this, many people have started consuming green tea for weight loss benefits. The antioxidant content of the tea, the high vitamin and mineral content and the flavonoids present can greatly improve and activity various aspects of the body which in turn makes weight loss easier.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Some of the most important points for people consuming green tea for weight loss are highlighted below:

  1. Speeds Up Metabolism

The primary reason that you drink green tea for weight loss is because it speeds up the metabolism greatly. This not only improves the body’s ability to break down food and aid digestion, but also stimulates physical activity. Thus, it makes the person more active or energetic and hence less sluggish. This may automatically motivate them to also continue working out and not skip days. Furthermore, green tea is also a diuretic and hence can decrease the amount of fluid retention in the body. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that may also help absorb the free radicals in the body.

  1. Exercise

Simply drinking green tea for weight loss will not actually cause you to lose any weight. Numerous studies have shown that only when coupled with proper exercise or workout routine will the effects of green tea be noticeable in the body. Thus, make sure that you couple your daily dose of green tea with a solid workout routine to see the required results.

  1. Proper Diet and Sleeping Patterns

Eating irregular meals and sleeping at odd hours are both great stressors for the body and can greatly impact the amount of weight gained. Lack of both can lead to binge eating and improper digestion which may cause acidity and heartburn. In such cases, drinking green tea is absolutely out of the question as the caffeine present in the tea can aggravate these issues extremely.

Thus, it is only after eating a proper healthy meal and sleeping well that you should consume the tea. For many people, preparing the tea at the right time may be difficult due to time constraints. Numerous companies have thus invented new and innovative ways to consume the tea and save time. If you would like a quicker way to prepare your tea, then CraveNatura’s whole leaf green tea sticks is a recommended product.

  1. Consumption of the tea

If you are someone who is not guilty of any of the previous points, then you may be able to experience the beneficial effects of drinking green tea for weight loss. However, even if it is giving you the desired effect, you should never consume more than 3-4 cups of green tea a day. Thus, always be aware of how many cups you consume as the caffeine is harmful for the body when taken in excess.

  1. Brewing the Tea

This is an aspect that is often overlooked. Brewing green tea the wrong way can leech it of its nutrients and hence prevent you from receiving all the good benefits. Thus, it is important to pay careful attention to brewing the tea the right way. Firstly, the water should be allowed to boil and then left to cool for about 2-3 minutes; ideally, the temperature should be around 85 degrees Celsius before the tea leaves are added. After the tea leaves are added, the mixture should be brewed again depending on how strong you like drinking the tea.

Green Tea for Weight Loss
Green Tea for Weight Loss
  1. Consuming Green Tea with Other Ingredients

Combining green tea with other ingredients such as avocados, ginger, etc. can also help improve the amount of weight lost. Avocado and Ginger have immense digestive properties and can help with the proper breakdown of food. While avocado adds to the boost in metabolism, ginger acts as a cleansing agent within the body and hence improves the loss of toxins as well as fats.

Apart from weight loss, the tea has several other benefits such as improved cardiovascular circulation, strengthening of bone and muscle, etc. Green tea can, hence, help users lead a much healthier lifestyle. To reiterate, the weight loss effects of green tea can only be felt when coupled with regular and consistent exercise, proper brewing and consumption and adding other known beneficial ingredients. Thus, we hope that this article provides you with a good overview of the several key points to keep in mind while consuming green tea.

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