Green Tea Without Side Effects

Ways Drink Green Tea Without Side Effects

Green Tea is one of the most beneficial beverages to consume due to the variety of
health benefits it has. Traditionally, Green Tea was first consumed in ancient China. However, these days it is consumed by people of all ages. The antioxidant properties within green tea are brought about due to the presence of polyphenols- extremely useful plant based elements. It is also very high in mineral and vitamin content. This article is hence designed to inform you about the different ways to drink green tea without side effects.

Due to these elements,green tea can significantly boost metabolism, increases immunity and protects the body from a variety of disease causing bacteria and viruses. Green tea is also well known for being
extremely beneficial for the heart. It can lower the risk of heart attacks by decreasing the
levels of LDL cholesterol and improving circulation.

Green Tea Without Side Effects

As it is a tea, green tea also contains caffeine. Thus, it acts as a stimulant and can give you an added boost to begin the day. It can protect brain and body cells and hence can also improve the mood of people who consume it. Green tea also increases bone density and strengthens muscles. Though green tea has a
wide variety of health benefits, it can seriously cause a lot of issues if not prepared or drunk
properly at the right time. Ways to Drink Green Tea without Side Effects

Some of the most important things to keep in mind while drinking green tea are
highlighted below.

1. Caffeine-related Consumption

One of the biggest ways to drink green tea without side effects is to understand how
caffeine affects the body. Green tea can contain anywhere between 24-25 milligrams per 8
ounces. Though this is a much smaller amount than the amount of caffeine in a cup of
coffee, it is still bad to consume it in large amounts.

Excess amounts of caffeine in the body can lead to nervousness, heartburn, irregular heartbeat and can affect the amount of calcium in the body. Caffeine must be taken in moderation, especially by people who are sensitive to it as well as pregnant women.

Thus, not drinking more than 3-4 cups a day is one of the best ways to drink green tea without side effects. Apart from this, you should avoid drinking green tea in the night as it may lead to insomnia. Lack of sleep may aggravate physical issues and hence it is better to avoid it before sleeping.

2. Stomach-related Consumption

Stomach upsets and ulcers are often caused due to the consumption of green tea on an
empty stomach. This is because the caffeine present in it can cause dehydration in the body.
Drinking the tea on an empty stomach may also cause diarrhoea and vomiting. People with
heartburn or acidity are also advised to not consume the tea as it can increase both of these
gastric issues due to the presence of tannins in the tea. Green tea should also be consumed
only after a meal as it can cause decreased absorption of a variety of vitamins and minerals,
such as vitamin B1.

3. Iron Deficiency

Being able to drink green tea without side effects involves understanding your body and the
nutrition it requires. This is especially true if you suffer from particular diseases. Green tea
can prevent the easy absorption of essential elements such as iron and can hence be
extremely harmful for patients suffering from anaemia. It can lead to increased exhaustion
and fatigue and may be extremely dangerous for such people. One of the more mild side
effects that may be caused due to iron deficiency would be headaches, due to the lack of
iron in haemoglobin.

4. Careful Preparation

Whether you are utilizing tea leaves, powder or bags, green tea must be prepared in a
specific manner so that the nutrients are retained and hence can be optimally utilized by the
body. Though this may not cause direct side effects, the beneficial effects of green tea may
not be felt if the tea is prepared incorrectly. With respect to preparation, tea sticks are a
new method to prepare tea that is fast growing in popularity.

The composition of tea sticks and the easy method of preparation increases the chance of the nutrients being retained. A popular brand that you could try is CraveNatura’s whole leaf green tea sticks.
Thus, there are numerous aspects that you should keep in mind while preparing tea and consuming the tea. Being aware of the when you consume it during the day as well as the ailments your body suffers from is essential to be able to drink green tea without side effects.

Thus, we hope this article provides you with all the necessary information about the
different side effects that may be cause by drinking green tea as well as how to overcome

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