Loose-leaf Tea Vs Commercial Tea Bags

Green tea has many properties that make it good for health and it is hence consumed by numerous people around the world. However, when it comes to preparing the tea many people are often unaware of or simply ignore the proper method of preparing the tea and the type of leaf that is used.

Consuming the tea in the right manner will assuredly allow you to experience its benefits to the fullest extent. This is why it is important to pay attention to the type of leaf that is being used. In order to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, this article will attempt to shed some light on why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags.

Loose-leaf Tea Vs Commercial Tea Bag

Some of the most important reasons why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags is highlighted below.

  1. Chemical Content

The first reason why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags is the presence of chemicals that may be present in the packaging. Loose-leaf tea generally consists of regular packaging that may have a few chemicals. However, tea bags contain a lot of chemicals present in the paper bags that contain the tea leaves, some of which may even be carcinogenic in nature. The fact that the tea bags are steeped in water also means that the chemicals are often transferred to the cup, thus, making people more susceptible to its harmful effects. On the other hand, this is not present in the case of loose leaf tea where the packaging never comes in contact with the water.

  1. Leaf Quality

One of the most important reasons as to why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags is the difference in the quality of the leaves. Loose leaf tea uses high-quality whole leaf tea, which, in the case of green tea, can be used twice. These leaves are often produced seasonally in small amounts and hence not left in storage for a long time. This helps with flavor and does not allow disintegration of leaves.

In the case of tea bags, leaves are cut up and often contain other parts of the plant, such as the stem. This helps to impart color to the tea and a stronger flavor which is meant to able to withstand milk and sugar is added. The leaves are stored for longer periods of time and hence lose much of their nutritional value in the process.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of better tea leaves such as whole leaves along with the fast and convenient method of preparing the tea that comes with tea bags, then a new invention known as the tea stick is made for you. Tea sticks contain whole leaves in a metal casing that has perforations on it. The tea stick needs to simply be dipped in hot water and stirred for the tea to be prepared. If you are willing to try this method out, then a brand and product that comes highly recommended are CraveNatura’s tea sticks that come in a variety of flavors.

  1. Packaging

Whole tea leaves are most often packaged in airtight containers that lock in flavor and freshness. It is this packaging that is responsible for not letting the leaves go stale and hence retaining their flavor. As mentioned earlier, tea bags, on the other hand, contain a variety of chemicals. Furthermore, when steeped in water, the nature of being enclosed in a bag often causes the leaves to collapse in on themselves and hence they do not fully expand to release their flavor or nutrition. Tea bags can also only be utilized once and hence are less advantageous than whole leaf tea. As they are prepared by machines, as opposed to just being plucked, the tea in tea bags loses their essential oils which also makes them less nutritious.

  1. Tradition

Though this is a much smaller point on why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags, it is still a major point of consideration for some.  Since the time of the Ancient Chinese, people have been preparing tea from whole leaves. Thus, for many people preparing tea in the traditional way is much more important than a quick way out. Thus, using loose-leaf tea is the only acceptable way to prepare such tea.

While most of the arguments go in favor of loose-leaf tea, one of the benefits of tea bag tea simply boils down to the flavor. If you are looking to just enjoy a cup of tea with a strong flavor, then it is better to stick to using tea bags. Otherwise, Loose-leaf tea trumps tea bags in almost every aspect. Thus, we hope that this article provides you with a good overview of why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags and hence helps you make a better choice next time you have to pick between the two.

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